‘Dog Whisperer’ successful overseas

Show taking big bite out of international market

If the success of “Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan” overseas is any indication, canines are a man’s best friends in any language.

The show has become a global phenomenon, currently broadcast in 55 countries. It will begin airing on Discovery Latin America later this month, the series’ international distributor Rive Gauche TV recently announced.

“With Cesar being Mexican, we think it will find a huge audience in Latin America,” says Rive Gauche TV president Jon Kramer. “Dogs transcend age, gender and ethnicity, and it seems that many, many cultures are open to these lessons. The next step is to get him out into those homes.”

In early 2009, Millan will begin shooting episodes of his series in foreign countries for the first time ever. The famed dog trainer will look to go to places including Australia, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. — countries where the show has an especially strong audience. Kramer says those episodes will begin airing at the end of next year.