Frank Langella preps for ‘Seasons’

James Bond about to go bad in 'I, Lucifer'

RECENTLY received a telephone call that was actually meant for the agent Boaty Boatwright. The caller was the tall, terrific actor Frank Langella. He said he’d dialed me by mistake. We chatted anyway. Frank said he’s up to his ears getting ready to open as Sir Thomas More in the venerable stage drama “A Man for All Seasons.” At the same time, said Frank, things are heating up with the release of the movie “Frost/Nixon.” When I noted it would arrive in time for the Academy Awards, Frank refused to even speak about that. He also didn’t tell me about the big doings planned for the Paley Center for Media in N.Y., which will premiere the Universal movie, offering a panel after with director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and the cast. “Frost/Nixon” opens on Dec. 5 in limited release, happening in Beverly Hills on Nov. 21 and in N.Y. on Dec. 2. Frank did say goodbye with a funny: “I am a saint this time, you know. Last year, as Nixon, I was a devil! I get around!”

WHO WAS that blond stunner who froze forks mid-air at the posh Primola eatery in N.Y.? Oh yes indeed, it was Daniel Craig, 007 himself. The studly Daniel was accompanied by his producer Babara Broccoli. (She is the daughter of Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, who co-produced all the James Bond films until his death in 1996. Barbara took over and now has a “license to film.”) Daniel and Barbara talked about the next Bond epic, part of which will be filmed — for the very first time! — in New York. Primola itself will have a little cameo. Maybe Daniel just wanted to see if the restaurant could handle those shoulders of his. The Bond film ready for release this year is the oddly titled “Quantum of Solace.” After that, James Bond goes bad — Daniel is in the midst of filming “I, Lucifer.” He plays Satan. Hmmmm…going to Hell suddenly doesn’t sound so bad! I know people who know Daniel and they say this actor is down-to-earth, funny and friendly.

WHENEVER I run into that titan of the Shubert Organization, one Gerald Schoenfeld, he usually has trenchant things to say about critics, columnists, actors, directors, producer, writers, stagehands and unions. But recently, he only wanted to mention in passing that he has “the absolute sweetest, nicest, most wonderful leading man of all time” in the coming production of “Equus,” which opens Sept. 25 at the Broadhurst Theater. Of course, he meant young Daniel Radcliffe. It’s fun to discover that under his steel exterior, Gerry is just a hopeless fan. … Next spring Madonna will offer an exhibition in London of her most famous and notorious costumes — 300 items including the iconic “Material Girl” dress which she wore in the 1985 hit video… the gown from “Evita”…the wedding dress from “Like a Virgin.” There is no reason why this exhibition won’t also come to the United States, but the Big M will decide…. Get in on the New York Women’s Foundation dinner at Gotham Hall on Oct. 2. The host is Grace Hightower De Niro and honorees are Iman and the school chancellor Joel Klein plus his Sony power wife, Nicole Seligman. The Mayor and Diana Taylor will present. Call 212-763-8590 or http://www.nywf.org.