1968: Welch gets cozy with co-star

Actress reflects on making of '100 Rifles'

Oct. 8, 1968
GOOD MORNING: The romantix between Raquel Welch and Jim Brown in “100 Rifles” “worked out very well ,” the actress wants all to know on her return from the Spain lensing. “In the original script,” she reminds , “the role was not that of a Negro.” And if you want to know how the romance is resolved in the pic, she laughingly suggests you see the the film, which Miss W. says was the most difficult she’s ever made — and most physical. But she’s more enthusiastic about it than any other…. 2008 Update: Raquel, recalling the very physical “100 Rifles,” co-starring her with Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds, now laughingly says, “I was the baloney in a cheesecake factory” She admis, “I wanted to keep up with all the action with the boys.” While, she speaks warmly about (late) director Tommy Gries, she says she was sorry that he “wanted to get all the sex scenes (with Jim Brown) in the can in the first day. There was no time for icing — and it made it difficult for me.” She says Brown “was very forceful and I am feisty. I was a little uncomfortable with too much male aggression. But — it turned out to be great exploitation for the film, now as you look back. It broke new ground” She says Burt Reynolds still remains “one of my favorites. Nobody did — or does — quite what Burt does. And he has a darker edge, which made the scenes sexy.” Welch has followed her long line of theatrical and TV films with last season’s “The Captain” series and she’s awaiting a go-ahead on another series. She is also writing a book for Weinstein Publishing. No, it’s not an autobiography, she insists. “But rather about the stages in a woman’s life — it’s about the art of being a woman at any age — yes, including ‘after 40’,” — and four marriages. “And,” she warmly assured me, “I love my life.”