1967: Temple on campaign trail

A look back at Hollywood and politics

Nov. 15, 1967

GOOD MORNING: Shirley Temple received no offers from Hollywood during her Congressional campaign, she laughingly told us on the longhorn from her Atherton home. And — she doesn’t expect to be returning here now … Matter of fact, the only showbiz name who politic-participated with her was Northern Cal neighbor Bing Crosby who helped “somewhat.” However, Shirley sez she received a lotta nice letters from down south — like from Harry Brand and her makeup man … Shirley obviously had no intentions to return to showbiz regardless of the outcome of this election. She told us, “This is one role I believe in with all my heart.” The last time we talked, she was fitting wardrobe for an ill-fated Fox vidpilot. She was happy it didn’t make it … (2008 update: Shirley Temple Black, reminiscing about her Congressional run in 1967 recalls, “Bing Crosby called me when he heard I was going to run and I asked him to come to a fund-raising dinner. He said ‘yes.’ He was wonderful.” But now recalling the election outcome, she says, “maybe it’s better I didn’t win.” During that campaign and her later dealings with politics, politicians and presidents she has decided “it is not a nice occupation to try to get.” She remained active in Republican politics, Richard Nixon named her to serve as a U.S. representative at the United Nations (and she graciously took me on a tour when in that office). She followed as our ambassador to Ghana in the Ford administration, was ambassador to Czechoslovakia under George H.W. Bush and foreign affairs officer for the State Dept. under Ronald Reagan. “I was happiest n Ghana,” she tells me. She was back in Hollywood last year to receive SAG’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She became a great-grandmother last year when granddaughter Theresa welcomed Lily Jane. Temple recently completed her (second) autobiog, which follows “Child Star.” On April 23, Shirley Temple will be 80. But she’ll always dance her way into the hearts of generations of children around the world.)