1957: Boone spends time in ‘Love’

A look back at events from showbiz past

July 23, 1957

GOOD MORNING: Pat Boone cancelled all personals except the Indiana State Fair on the completion of “April Love,” a remake of “Home in Indiana.” Boone needs time to move back to New Jersey, prepare for his final semester at Columbia U and to get a coupla days with his family!…(2008 update: When I reached Pat Boone by phone–he’d returned from a fundraiser for Mike Huckabee . To Boone’s surprise, he heard that Huckabee plays “a good bass guitar. And we jammed on ‘I Almost Lost My Mind’.” Boone said he first met Huckabee when he was running for governor of Arkansas “And I wound up going to support groups for him. I’m very supportive of him.” As for playing that date (above) at the Indiana State Fair, Pat says he did indeed play it — “and I went back and headlined it again in 2006! I’m 73 — I don’t know of anyone else who else can make that statement — headlining the same place after 50 years!” And yes, Pat did graduate from Columbia — magna cum laude. “I missed Phi Beta Kappa by one technicality.” I thought I was going to be a school teacher,” he says — despite the fact he was already a film, TV and recording star?! “But,” he says, “the day I was on my way to rehearse for my television show — with Gina Lollobrigida — I forgot about a teaching job. I’ve never taught a day,” he laughed. “And if I do you can audit it!” The unstoppable Boone and his wife Shirley make regular trips to Israel — “perhaps my 12th” — and he writes of his praises for the tiny country’s accomplishments in enumerating in superlatives its relative size and population to its multitude of contributions to the world — medical, scientific, calling Israel “The World’s MVP.” This past Christmas he recorded “The True Spirit of Christmas” with Paul Alter, “my 85-year-old Jewish friend,” Pat reminds. Boone wrote four of the songs, Alter, the rest except for the CD’s title tune, by Pete Murphy. The platter came out too late for a hefty campaign for 2007 — but if we know Pat — and we do — look for Boone’s “True Spirit of Christmas” to be big in 2008 — and probably in Israel as well.