HOLLYWOOD — Film composer A.R. Rahman, who has provided the music for numerous Bollywood and Hollywood pics, including “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” has launched a school for musicians in his hometown of Chennai, India.

The K.M. Music Conservatory will train students in Indian and western classical music. The Apple-authorized center also will teach students how to use its tools in synthetic music as well as traditional instruments.

“I feel, as a modern classical musician, having the knowledge of both music performance and music technology is invaluable,” Rahman said on his website. “Only having the skill to perform an instrument may not necessarily be lucrative, however having that skill as well as excellent music production capabilities will ensure many more career opportunities and financial security.”

The conservatory is “an attempt to recreate a world-class orchestra for the enjoyment of the people of India,” he said. “Synthesizers and electronic sounds played a significant role in the evolution of music in the ’80s and ’90s. As this fresh sound captivated listeners, they began to lose appreciation and interest in live classical compositions.”

Scholarships will be available through the A.R. Rahman Foundation and graduates will have an opportunity to audition for the K.M. Music Symphony Orchestra.

The first batch of students are expected to start school in May.