Artists’ Addiction Records and Rocket Science, a sales and field marketing company, figure there’s still an audience for “American Idol” finalists voted off in the early and middle rounds.

The two companies are banding together on a four-volume series featuring four “Idol” performers per CD, with each singing three original songs. First volume, which will be released Feb. 5, features recordings by Jon Peter Lewis, Ryan Starr, A.J. Tabaldo and Stevie Scott. Vol. 2, tentatively scheduled for March 4, will spotlight Alaina Alexander, Rudy Cardenas, Patrick Hall and Gedeon McKinney.

The albums will be available exclusively through Wal-Mart and iTunes.

Since their appearances on the show, the Vol. 1 contestants have had a variety of jobs. Lewis is working on the follow-up to his 2006 disc, “Stories From Hollywood”; Starr, from the first season, appeared on Bravo’s “Battle of the Network Reality Stars”; Tabaldo has not been seen since he was dismissed during season six; and Scott, from season five, has been working as a concert performer.

Artists’ Addiction Records was formed in 2005 and is active in music publishing and music supervision through its Stop! Go unit.