Menzel scores with ‘Banner’

Mariah Carey snapped in Aspen

IDINA Menzel scored a pitch-perfect touchdown singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the recent Giants/Patriots game. Her hubby, Taye Diggs, had to hear Idina rehearse “at least 400 times. I have a very patient man,” she says. The Tony-winner also appeared in “Enchanted.” She has a private gig today in L.A. and on Monday at NYC’s Canal Room, promoting her CD “I Stand.” She wrote all the albums’ songs. “I am so ready for this part of my career to happen,” says the L.I. native. “I think people can really relate to my songs. And Taye is just happy not to have to hear the National Anthem again.”

IT JUST wouldn’t be a winter wonderland if not for the annual Mariah Carey-in-the-snow photo op. This year the darling girl was snapped in Aspen. … You know what? I don’t much want to have a beer with the president and I don’t care how often he or she goes to church. I do care about intelligence, good sense, honor and honesty. And some modesty might not be bad. But how can one be truly modest when one thinks he or she is worthy, ready and able to run the United States of America? Mick Jagger perhaps said it best–“Only an actor or a madman would want to be president!”