There is something about Sarah that has Hollywood seething.

Stars flocked to the Democratic National Convention, but few said anything remotely inflammatory, or even critical, about John McCain.

But his selection of Sarah Palin as running mate seems to have shoved restraint to the side.

Matt Damon last week labeled the thought of Palin as president a “terrifying possibility,” telling the Associated Press, “It’s like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom…from Alaska and she’s the president and it’s like she’s facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink and it’s absurd.”

With McCain chiding Obama as a “celebrity,” many in Hollywood feared that speaking out could do more harm than good. After Palin’s selection — and as she landed the cover of People and tabloid attention once reserved for Britney Spears — those concerns apparently are not so great.

Stars are getting plenty of opportunity to comment. At the press junket for “The Women,” journos quite naturally ask about Palin, and the leading stars respond. Annette Bening said at a news conference, “The idea that people, who voted for Hillary, who tend to be Democrats, would change and vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin seems to me bizarre.”

Last week, Gina Gershon played a bikini-clad, shotgun toting Palin in a Funnyordie.com video. Other comments, from the likes of Roseanne and Whoopi Goldberg, have been more pointed.

On the Website Wowowow, Goldberg challenged the double standard in Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy.

She wrote, “I find it interesting that if this girl was Chelsea Clinton or black she probably wouldn’t have been treated the same way. When a black teenager gets pregnant she’s a welfare mother. When this teenager, when this nice white-lady-girl-teenager gets pregnant, it’s an Evangelical Christian choice.”