NBC’s iconic Peacock and three-note chimes have been given an on-air makeover.

The network has dusted off the chimes — which never really went away but weren’t being actively used — and is now playing the famous G-E-C notes at the end of most promos. In addition, the net has introduced a new swirling, animated version of its modern-era Peacock (first introduced in 1986) that will serve as NBC’s main on-air icon.

NBC Universal TV Group chief marketing officer Jon Miller says the net opted to refresh its image in midseason (rather than wait for fall, when most on-air makeovers are done) because of the sheer amount of new programming NBC is launching in January.

“We did some research, and people have strong, positive memories about NBC,” Miller says. “The Peacock is part of it, the chimes and the Thursday legacy. The two we could call up immediately were the chimes and the re-emergence of the Peacock.”

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The network is even running a spot claiming that it has “more original programming” this month than any other net — pointing to returnees like “Medium,” “The Biggest Loser,” “Las Vegas” and “Friday Night Lights,” as well as new fare like “American Gladiators.” Message could be construed as a not-so-subliminal note to viewers: There may be a strike going on, but we’ve still got new shows.

Miller says it’s as much a factor of applying a fresh coat of paint after a so-so fall quarter at the network.

“We wanted to signal a change from last year to this year,” Miller says. “We had such a reset of programming, and even shows that might have come back, like ‘Heroes,’ can’t make any more episodes for a while. The fact that the schedule is new provided us an opportunity for some changes.”