Frock on! Fox’s wedded bliss

New campaign utilizes live standees

Twentieth Century Fox has brought new meaning to the term “window dressing.”

The studio’s marketing team launched what is being touted as the first in-theater campaign utilizing live standees.

The one-night Dec. 27 stunt, which accompanied sneaks of the Katherine Heigl romantic comedy “27 Dresses,” featured 27 models at 27 cinemas nationwide. Heigl look-alikes donned bridesmaid gowns that resembled the credits-filled dress from the film’s poster.

“When you have such a stunning piece of key art, you want to find other clutter-busting ways to use it beyond the traditional poster or newspaper,” Fox marketing co-president Pam Levine says. “Theaters are full during the holidays. We wanted to find a way to stand out.”

The novel promotion, conceived during a brainstorming session with the marketing group, did indeed stand out. A Fox exec says the sneaks were the best in years for the studio, prompting Fox to push back the film’s release from Jan. 11 to Jan. 18 to let word of mouth spread.