Finnish rockers bite into horror film

Lordi frontman births idea for 'Dark Floors'

Two years ago, Finnish monster rockers Lordi scared up enough fans to win the European Song Contest. Now the band is aiming to expand its brand … as horror movie stars.

“Dark Floors,” an English-language slasher film about folks being hunted and slaughtered in a hospital, world preems Feb. 6 before an audience of 5,000 at the Energia Areena in Oulu. Pic was written by Pekka Lehtosaari from an idea by helmer Pete Riski and Lordi frontman Mr. Lordi.

That the singer is known only as thusly is no coincidence: The band — a sort of KISS meets monsters hybrid — thrives on the mystery surrounding the real identity of its members.When a local newspaper published private photos of them last year, it caused outrage — not as much from the band members as from fans, who relish the secrecy.

“Dark Floors” aims to capitalize on and further develop the myth. The masked band members play monsters hunting the heroes played by Skye Bennett, Noah Huntley and William Hope. Lordi’s music plays over the end credits.

One hitch: Lordi fans are generally quite young, meaning many of them likely won’t be allowed to see the film. Producer Marcus Helin, says that while “the film is not ultraviolent, it’s a rather traditional horror movie,” he expects it to get the local equivalent of an R rating.

Pic hits Finnish screens Feb. 8. The fright film is being shopped for other markets at the Berlin Film Fest.