Hey teens, do you totally want your high school theater program to put on a production of Broadway tuner “Spring Awakening,” just like fabulous West Beverly High is doing with “90210”?

Well, too bad.

For now, a high school staging of “Spring” is as much of a fantasy as the hot guy who flies you to San Fran in his private jet after sixth period.

While the primetime showcase on “90210” will likely translate into good news for the Rialto tuner and its national tour — producers say the Gotham box office got a bump the day after the TV show’s Sept. 9 preem — it’s bad news for high schools who get their hopes up.

In real life, licenses for stock and amateur troupes don’t tend to be made available until the original production has begun to run its commercial course.

With “Spring,” it’ll be a while.

“It’s a long way off,” says producer Jeffrey Richards.