TOKYO — Leading Japanese talent shop, Yoshimoto Kogyo is partnering with a Chinese theater group to present comedy stage shows in Shanghai starting in mid-December.

Yoshimoto is assisting with the scripting and staging, while the Shanghai People’s Comedy Troupe is providing the talent. The arrangement will give Yoshimoto a foothold in the Chinese legit market.

The shows are skedded for three days weekly –Thursday, Friday and Saturday — and will be aired on Shanghai TV. The partners are also planning webcasts of the shows.

The Shanghai People’s Comedy Troupe has a three-decade history of entertaining on stage, as well as on TV and in pics.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is Japan’s leading talent management firm for comic acts, with interests in TV, pics and other media platforms. Among its international arms is Bellrock Media, its joint venture with Intel Capital, trading house Itochu and mobile and PC services provider Faith that distribs content via broadband and mobile devices in the US and Japan.