New Broadway tuner “A Tale of Two Cities” revolted against the critics last week, with the musical — largely panned after its Sept. 25 opening — logging the largest box office bump of a frame in which most offerings saw sales slip.

Also on the rise was “All My Sons” ($684,002), which played its first full week of eight previews and became the top nonmusical draw on the Rialto. Aud capacity of the production, which co-stars Katie Holmes, came close to 98%.

Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe starrer “Equus” ($597,345), another star-driven revival, slid a bit in its heavily comped opening week.

While “Tale” ($462,585) posted a week-to-week gain of almost $75,000, retiring musical “Xanadu” ($223,962) skated up more than $60,000 in its final week on the boards and “Mary Poppins” ($555,083) climbed by about $40,000.

Also struggling upward was “[title of show]” ($124,322), just barely registering a rise in the wake of a closing notice posted for next month.

Otherwise, Broadway sales slid for the most part, but not by much. Total receipts fell around $80,000 to $15.6 million for 29 shows on the boards (or $16.1 million including estimates for “Young Frankenstein”).

Among the shows to dip, “In the Heights” ($741,696) lost about $75,000 worth of altitude and “Monty Python’s Spamalot” ($438,963) was off by $55,000.

As for the rest of the Rialto’s previewing slate, plays “A Man for All Seasons” ($273,001) and “To Be or Not to Be” ($137,065) rose a bit. “The Seagull” ($317,440) descended more than $50,000, thanks in part to a weekend of press perfs, and “13” ($169,415) sank more than $30,000 in its second week on the boards.