Political pundits take note: The Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater has just gone from red to blue.

Following a 16-month renovation, the refurbished theater was unveiled last week to auds gathered for a production of “Broadway: Three Generations.”

The original red color scheme has been replaced with blue and gold tones, accented with bronze and stainless steel railings and trims, and ash wood panels. The $18 million project also included new audio, video, production communications, data transfer and machine control wiring.

In a first for the Center, audio now travels digitally out of the mixing console directly to self-powered speakers. The entire Harman sound system is controlled by a single computer.

In addition, a cross aisle has been added in the orchestra level, which includes wheelchair-accessible seating. A new pit lift has also been installed. The 1,164-seat Eisenhower is the Center’s principal venue for straight plays and intimate musicals.

But in a city where every official move is scrutinized for political significance, Kennedy Center officials are urging people not to over think the pre-election unveiling.