Off Broadway tuner “Altar Boyz” recouped its $1 million investment around the end of 2007, according to its producers.

“Boyz” is one of Off Broadway’s rare long-running hits, but in a mark of the tough economics of Off Broadway, the recoupment has come almost three years after the show opened in the spring of 2005. Produced by a team led by Ken Davenport and Robyn Goodman (“Avenue Q”), “Boyz” spawned a recently finished national tour as well as a long list of incarnations in the U.S. and abroad.

Davenport simultaneously announced that two of his other producing ventures, “My First Time” (capitalized at $175,000) and “The Awesome 80s Prom” (capitalized at $120,000) also have made it into the black.

Both shows play unconventional perf skeds. “Time,” which opened over the summer and garnered press coverage for its virginity-loss subject matter, performs twice a week, while “Prom,” which has been around since 2004, performs once a week.