Larry King looks forward to election day

Liza returns to Palace Theater; LaBelle reunites

“DOESN’T MATTER to me who wins. I’m gonna have both candidates on my show election week. You see, for me, it’s a win-win!”

That was CNN’s big guy Larry King, chatting with fans on his way out of his fave Hollywood deli, Nate N’ Al’s. (Larry is a realist — the show-biz world will go on, no matter who occupies the White House.) Larry was with his wife, Shawn Southwick King. They were squeezed together in a booth, very affectionate, sharing a chopped salad.

Also cuddling at this famous eatery were James Woods and his — need we emphasize? — young, young girlfriend. (An amused onlooker said, “They were going at it like Archie and Veronica on a first date!”) Woods is one of those guys who refuses to find the beauty in mature women. But he is upfront about it, at least. And still a sexy devil, I must say.

* * *

IT WOULD behoove fans of fabulous singing/dancing divas to be in Manhattan in December.

On Dec. 3, the indestructible Liza returns to the Palace Theater on old Broadway, for her latest concert incarnation–a tribute to her fabulous godmother, entertainer deluxe Kay Thompson.

On the very same night, Patti Labelle, she of the soaring octaves and the famously fluttering hands, will rock the venerable Apollo Theater in Harlem. Patti alone on stage is a spectacle. But she will be joined by Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx, who were Patti’s old partners when the three women were the group LaBelle! They just recorded a new CD together.

And from Dec 1-4, the one, the only — the woman who dances in high heels better than anyone! — Tina Turner, will pack ’em in at Madison Square Garden on the 1st, and then at Nassau Collesseum on the 3rd and 4th.

* * *

SPEAKING OF famous singers, remember ravishing Jody Watley? She became instantly iconic in the 1980’s with hits like “I’m Looking for A New Love” and “Some Kind of Lover,” helped by dazzling music videos.

Anyway, Jody Watley is still around, looking great and recording. She’s got a new single, “A Beautiful Life,” that is # 9 on the Billboard dance charts, and her album, “Chameleon,” is being readied for release next year.

Jody jokes about her low profile: “I’m very boring. No scandal, no arrests, no drugs, no sextape, no famous boyfriend, no adoptions in the works. It’s really hard to break through with just good music!”