Kung Fu Hip Hop

Dumb but fun, "Kung Fu Hip Hop" is "Breakin'," contempo Beijing-style.

Dumb but fun, “Kung Fu Hip Hop” is “Breakin’,” contempo Beijing-style. China’s first musical youth movie (made with plenty of Hong Kong help), this tale of a rural martial artist who takes part in a dance competition to pay for his sister’s eye op has a shameless energy that should work with Asiaphile auds. Pic predictably tanked in Hong Kong this summer but opened better in China.

Back-of-a-coaster plot has street hawker Chu Dong (Hong Kong’s Jordan Chan) teaming with DJ Tina (mainland glamour-puss Fan Bingbing) and his garage mechanic pals to form Kung Fu Kids. They take on a rival team, led by blond-haired Zhong Shaoxiong (South Korean breakdancer “Poppin’ ” Nam Hyun-joon), that’s supported by crooked club boss Quan (Allan Wu). Snappy helming by TV director Fu Huayang, neat choreography (Ice Cream), martial arts (Liu Zhihao) and lensing (Hong Kong’s Andy Kwong) form a pro tech package. Chan gets by on his usual blank charm, Fan looks like she’s just stepped off a model runway, and Shaw Bros. action vet Chen Kuan-tai makes a nostalgic guest appearance. Chinese title is a pun on Bruce Lee’s “Fist of Fury.”

Kung Fu Hip Hop

China-Hong Kong

  • Production: A China Film Group, Ocean Butterflies (in China)/Newport (in Hong Kong) release of a Tianjin Film Studio (China)/Star Creative Multi-Media (Hong Kong) presentation of a Tianjin Film Studio, Ocean Butterflies Pictures Co. (China)/Star Creative Multi-Media (Hong Kong) production. Produced by Johnston Wong, Harry Hui. Executive producers, Wang Dafang, Lan Lan. Directed by Fu Huayang. Supervising director, Andy Chin. Executive directors, Wang Jianchun, Zhou Zijian. Screenplay, Ning Caishen.
  • Crew: Camera (color), Andy Kwong; editor, Shirley Yip; music, Hei Jian; music director, Billy Koh; art director, Zhai Tao; costume designer, Zhang Jie. Reviewed at Beijing Screenings, Sept. 26, 2008. Mandarin dialogue. Running time: 93 MIN.
  • With: <b>With:</b> Fan Bingbing, Jordan Chan, "Poppin' " Nam Hyun-joon, Chen Kuan-tai, Wang Yue, Allan Wu, Kung Fu Pop, Xie Xinyi, Zhang Han, Gu Shangwei, Pan Xiaoting, Yang Yang, Gao Min, Xing Aowei.
  • Music By: