‘Wolves’ will focus on singer Tamim

Egyptian actress Mina Shalabi will star in film

SOUTH AFRICA — The troubled life of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim, found stabbed to death in her Dubai apartment July 28, is to be the focus of a movie titled “Qitah wa arbaa thiab” (A Cat and Four Wolves), according to Amman-based website albawaba.com.

It said Egyptian actress Mina Shalabi will play Tamim, who rose to fame after winning the popular Studio Al Fan television show contest in 1996.

Her subsequent career was blighted by a turbulent personal life, which included two divorces and a number of run-ins with police and the tabloids.

The website quoted 27-year-old Shalabi as saying the film still had to be approved by Egypt’s official censors. It gave no further details of the project.

Tamim, 31, released two albums and several hit singles — the last of which, “Lovers,” in 2006, was dedicated to the memory of assassinated Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Albawaba.com said Arabic music channel Mazzika would release two songs that Tamim recorded before her death — “Yesab ali” (I Feel Bad For) and “Nawya halo” (I’ll Make Him Pay) — but only once investigations into her murder are complete.

Tamim had been living secretly in Dubai after fleeing both Egypt and her native Lebanon. During her troubled life, she had been celebrated both for her looks and a versatile voice that was well suited to perform both classical and modern Arab pop music.

Earlier this month, Egyptian tycoon Hisham Talaat Mustafa was charged in connection with the murder, with prosecutors claiming he paid $2 million for the killing of Tamim, reportedly his one-time lover.

Tamim was attacked in her Dubai apartment, stabbed several times and her throat cut, allegedly by a retired policeman paid by Mustafa, Egyptian prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmud said in a statement. Retired policeman Mohsen al-Sukkari is in prison, accused of carrying out the murder.

Mustafa, a National Democratic Party stalwart and member of Egypt’s upper house of parliament, the Shura Council, runs the wealthy Talaat Mustafa real estate group.