Ukraine’s Triumph adds third Imax

Exhibitor has option to order fourth theater

MOSCOW — Canadian widescreen theater corporation Imax signed a deal Thursday with Ukrainian exhibitor Triumph to add a third Imax to the company’s rollout of theaters in the country.

Triumph, which already has a deal to install two Imax theatres in Ukraine, has signed on for a third in Kharkov by 2011 and the option on a fourth for capital, Kiev.

The first Imax installed by Triumph opened last month in Kiev and the second system, which has been upgraded to a digital projection system, is due in Odessa in 2010.

The deal is “part of an overall increase in European exhibitor interest in the Imax business, fuelled by the introduction of Imax’s new digital projection system,” Imax said in a statement.

“There are now 13 Imax theaters scheduled to be operating in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States by 2011. To date, Imax has signed contracts for more than 190 Imax digital projection systems, with 20 currently in operation and a total of 45-50 scheduled to be in operation by year end.”

Andriy Shpyg, head of the Triumph group of companies, said its Kiev Imax theater — open for less than three weeks — had “already delivered impressive results with extremely happy customers, strong ticket and concession sales.”

He added: “After just 20 days of operation, we sold 17,000 Imax tickets at a premium price, which demonstrates that Imax drives incremental attendance and revenue. The elimination of film prints and the reduced start up capital required for Imax’s digital projection system makes the Imax business even more attractive as we work toward expanding our Imax and multiplex network in Ukraine.”