Swedish org dishes out cash

Institute helps fund five features

STOCKHOLM — The Swedish Film Institute has disbursed coin to five features and three docus. “Fishy,” a romantic comedy helmed by Maria Blom and produced by Lars Jonsson for Memfis Film, gets $220,000 out of a total budget of $820,000. Pic is already in release.

Youth film “Princess,” helmed by Teresa Fabik and produced by Sandra Harms for Breidablick Film Produktion, draws $932,000 out of a total budget of $2.3 million. Drama “Miss Kicki,” helmed by Hakon Liu and produced by Lizette Jonjic for Migma Film, was given $410,000 out of a total budget of $1.5 million.Episodic film “Over Gaden Under Vandet,” helmed by Charlotte Sieling and co-produced by Helena Danielsson for Hepp Film, got $58,000. Pic is a co-production with Danish Nimbus Film, where the producer is Lars Bredo Rahbek.

In all $1.5 million (out of $5.2 million) went to musical comedy “Sound of Noise,” helmed by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjarne Nilsson and produced by Oliver Guerpilon for DFM Fiktion and Guy Pechard for French company Bliss.

Docu “Bananas,” about a court case against Dow Chemical, helmed by Fredrik Gertten and produced by Margerete Jangard for WG Film, was given $298,000. About $410,000 went to docu “Cubaton el medico,” about a Cuban doctor who wants to be an artist, helmed by Daniell Fridell and produced by Thomas Allercrantz and Adel Kjellstrom for Rode Orm Film.

And $44,000 went to docu “The Persson Sisters in a Foreign Country,” about two sisters who move from Pakistan to Sweden, helmed by Asa Blanck and Johan Palmgren and produced by Blanck for Modern TV.