When an untitled trailer for “Cloverfield” debuted last summer attached to prints of Paramount’s “Transformers,” no one was quite sure what to make of it. Now everyone has an opinion. Variety asked guests at the film’s Hollywood premiere on Wednesday to weigh in with their reactions.

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Ron Jeremy, adult film legend: “It’s going to do very well because it’s aimed at kids. There’s not a lot of cerebrum. You don’t know where the monster came from. You don’t really know what it is or where it is. It’s like a roller coaster. It’s like ‘Blair Witch’ meets ‘Aliens.’ I liked it, but I think we got the point that it’s handheld. We understand that when you’re running, the camera will shake. When you’re standing still, shooting somebody’s damn face, you don’t have to keep moving the camera. I can see a dad filming his kids at Disneyland steadier than this. I’ve been in porn films that shoot video steadier than this and those cameramen usually suck. They didn’t have to make it that out of focus and that shaky. I was getting dizzy and it just gave me a big headache. The scariest part was when I went to the bathroom to vomit, so I would’ve liked the film more without the vomiting. Listen, I don’t mean to knock the film because it’s a good movie and it’s very well done, except for that camerawork. My entire row wanted to throw up. I had to move to the back and I was still nauseous. The girls were adorable though.”

John Krasinski, star of NBC’s “The Office”: “I thought it was great! I didn’t have any expectations so it shattered them. I think it’s both an incredibly innovative script and idea to bring back the monster genre, but they also started breaking some boundaries in film. The night vision shot in the tunnel was wild. It was kind of like ‘Blair Witch’ on speed.”

Heidi Montag, star of MTV’s “The Hills”: “I loved it! I thought it was very suspenseful and I loved the way it was shot. It was great!”

Masi Oka, star of NBC’s “Heroes”: “It was fantastic. I liked that it was a love story in the end. It was very smart and suspenseful.”

Spencer Pratt, star of MTV’s “The Hills”: “Brilliant! When I found out it was only $25 million and shot in three weeks, it took it to a whole new level. It looks like a $200 million dollar movie. I’ll call it the new ‘Independence Day.'”

Scott Speedman, star of the upcoming thriller “The Strangers”: “I didn’t know much about it going in. It was one of those movies that I tried not to watch the preview for, so I didn’t know a whole lot about it at all. To be honest, I was kind of blown away. The best thing I can say about it is that it’s really, really emotional. That’s what surprised me the most. Monster movies aren’t that emotional but it really got that part down amazingly. There wasn’t one specific part that jumped out as the scariest moment, but what’s great is how it sets a tone of fear and keeps it going and keeps building on it throughout the movie.”

Mike White, writer-director of “Year of the Dog”: “It was scary in all the right ways. It brought a whole new monster to the lexicon, which is hard to do. I loved the whole conceit of it. The ‘Blair Witch’-on-a-large-scale monster movie really worked.”

Other guests attending the premiere included Lindsay Lohan, Rainn Wilson, Lauren Conrad, Frankie Muniz, Bruce Greenwood and DJ Samantha Ronson.