NRW hands $8 million to 15 projects

Philip Groening feature among recipients

COLOGNE — German funding org Filmstiftung NRW has distributed E5.5 million ($8 million) among 15 TV and film projects.

The largest allocation, $1.8 million, was given to “Krupp,” a three-part TV epic on the family behind the German industrial giant, directed by Carlo Rola.

Another fact-based TV production that received coin was Dieter Wedel’s “Mit Glanz und Gloria,” the story of a high society conman, featuring Jasmin Tabatabai, Uwe Ochsenknecht and Ulrich Tukur.

The largest amount for a big screen project, $1.2 million, went to “Hangtime,” by tyro helmer Wolfgang Roos, assistant director on Soenke Wortmann’s “The Miracle of Bern.”

Philip Groening, who two years ago received attention for monastery-set docu “Into Great Silence,” was given $509,000 for feature “The Policeman’s Wife.”

Other recipients included Dietrich Brueggemann for sophomore project “Run If You Can” and Matti Geschonnek’s “Boxhagener Platz.”

In addition to production funding, Filmstiftung announced that it has given some $1 million for the distribution of several pics, including Marco Kreuzpaintner’s “Krabat,” Max Faerberboeck’s “Anonyma” and Lars Von Trier’s “The Boss of it All.”