Nobel museum gets Bergman photos

Exhibition runs Sept. 21-Jan. 18

STOCKHOLM — The Nobel Museum in Stockholm is displaying photos of late helmer Ingmar Bergman, who directed the works of a number of Nobel Prize winners.

“Bergman in Pictures/Nobel Prize Winners Get a Director” is the name of the exhibition that runs Sept. 21-Jan. 18.

Through stills taken by seven photographers, the exhibition aims to show Bergman in action in legit.

Plays written by Nobel laureates Par Lagerkvist, Albert Camus, Luigi Pirandello, Harry Martinson and Eugene O’Neill that Bergman directed are highlighted. There are also stills from his film direction plus sequences that Bergman himself made depicting the work on the sets.

Coinciding with the exhibition is the release of a book, “Director Bergman,” which will be published simultaneously in Sweden, the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. The book contains more than 1,100 pictures of Bergman at work or in private situations. It has been edited by Brit journo Paul Duncan and Swedish photog Bengt Wanselius, one of Bergman’s frequent collaborators. The text in the book is mostly by Bergman himself, but includes new writings by friends such as Erland Josephson.

The book also contains a DVD with some of the helmer’s home movies.