Lee, Jung come out for Star Summit

Event to honor upcoming talent

BUSAN – Local superstars including Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung turned up Saturday to honor upcoming talent at the Premiere Star Summit Asia.

The event was an amalgamation of two existing ceremonies, PIFF’s Star Summit Asia, and Premiere’s own annual Rising Star Awards. The merging of both came from budgetary cutbacks, and to prevent the sponsorship overlaps of previous years.

“The festival organization chose and invited Star Summit Asia guests, while Rising Star Awards winners were selected by Premiere. I think the merged events have more synergy effects than ever,” Soyoung Sohn, the international coordinator of APAN told Variety.

The Rising Star Awards winners were selected through polls from professionals and observers of Korean film industry and online votes by audiences.

Korean actors Ha Jung-woo for “The Chaser” and Soo Aae for “Sunny” received the 4th Rising Star Awards while the director award went to helmer Won Shin-yun for “Seven Days”.

Others that were honored include Choung Kyung-ho, Best actor for “Sunny”, and Chung Yeo-won, who won the best actress award for “Two Faces of My Girlfriend”.

The star-studded event saw notable Korean celebrities like “The Good the Bad and the Weird” helmer Kim Ji-woon, and its stars Lee and Jung joining in the festivities. Korea’s top music producer and composer JYP was also at the show.

Other guests included, Korean stars The Wonder Girls, Eugene (“Heartbreak Library”) and Lee Min-ki (“Oishi Man”), Korean-American actors Aaron Yoo, James Kyson Lee and Moon Bloodgood were included. Other Asian stars such as Li Xiaolu, Mercedes Cabral, Kelly Lin, Chui Tien Yu and Fan Wing were also introduced.