Joanna Cassidy is stepping down down as a member of the Screen Actors Guild’s national board and will be replaced by Joe Bologna, who lost his seat in last month’s election.

Both Cassidy and Bologna are part of Membership First, which lost control of the 71-member national board when the upstart Unite For Strength faction gained enough Hollywood slots for a one-seat majority rule — when combined with reps from the New York and regional branches.

SAG’s Hollywood board remains controlled by Membership First with Unite For Strength now repping about a third of the 55 seats. The Hollywood panel replaced Cassidy with Bologna at its Monday night meeting and retained Membership First reps in all key committee posts — even though Unite For Strength’s Amy Brennemen and Adam Arkin received the most votes among candidates from members in last month’s election.

Bologna was voted in to succeed Cassidy by Hollywood board members at their first post-election meeting on Monday night.

During the meeting, SAG national exec director Doug Allen shot down a suggestion that the guild go the members informally to find out if they’ll support a strike authorization. “We’ve already done that,” he replied, referring to the postcard poll that showed 87% support for the negotiating committee’s strategy of spurning the AMPTP’s final offer in favor of holding out for a better deal.

The national board’s set to meet Oct. 18 to act on last week’s recommendation by the negotiating committee that the board seek a strike authorization from members.