HOLLYWOOD — Experts on film policy, figures from the film world and decisionmakers from across Europe will discuss how public support for film can be adapted to meet the challenges of globalization and digital technologies at a Council of Europe Film Policy Forum.

“Shaping Policies for the Cinema of Tomorrow” will run Sept. 11-13 in Krakow, Poland.

It will examine the effectiveness and efficiency of public support for film at a time when globalization represents a threat to diversity and when digital technologies are redefining film production, distribution and patterns of consumption.

Forum also will consider how film policies can contribute to the diversity of cultural expression.

Event is being hosted by the Polish Film Institute with the Polish Ministry of Culture and the city of Krakow. Gaul’s Centre National de la Cinematographie and the U.K. Film Council are supporting the forum.

Founded in 1949, the Council of Europe reps 47 member states. It seeks the advancement in Europe of democracy, human rights and a common identity based on shared values and the celebration of diversity.