Boomerang returns to Lopez

Pair team on 'Providencia'

SITGES — Jose Manuel Lorenzo’s Madrid-based Boomerang Cine, which co-produced Nicolas Lopez’s Austin Fantastic Fest winner “Santos,” will re-up with Lopez on “Providencia.”

Set in Santiago de Chile, the third feature from the 25-year-old Chilean helmer will be a romantic comedy musical, partially inspired by Lopez’s experience helming the f/x heavy sci-fi pic “Santos.”

“ ‘Providencia’ is about a sci-fi director who takes on a huge film, whose special effects are a disaster. He drives all the film’s backers into bankruptcy, and has to make ends meet directing commercials,” Lopez said at the Sitges fest, where “Santos” was one of the weekend’s highlights.

“Providencia” will shoot in Spanish, with U.S. star cameos, he added.

Budget will come in at around Euros3 million ($4.2 million), said Lorenzo, substantially below the $7.5 million of “Santos.”

Lopez and Lorenzo aim to use much of “Santos’s” key cast, such as Javier Gutierrez, Elsa Pataky, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Guillermo Toledo.

The film, from one of Latin America’s best-known young helmers, will shoot March/April aiming for delivery December 2009.

“It will be a bit like ‘Santos’ but without all the effects, a film more rooted in reality,” Lorenzo said.

World preeming at Austin, “Santos” won a special jury prize for originality and vision.