“I’m not sure why I’m here or why you’re here,” “Religulous” helmer Larry Charles told a roomful of guests lunching at Rockefeller Plaza’s Brasserie Ruhlmann on Monday.

Charles may have been contemplating the meaning of life or just wondering what he was doing lunching with a group of Gothamites, but regardless, the simple answer was that guests such as Nora Ephron, Janeane Garofalo and Joy Behar were there to celebrate the doc’s upcoming release.

And while the main topics of conversation were the upcoming Joe BidenSarah Palin debate, the bailout plan and Wall Street’s fall, pic’s scribe, Bill Maher, was able to refocus everyone’s attention when he stood up and shouted, “You’re all going to hell!,” followed by a short thank-you-for-coming speech.

“I think religious people would like to see a movie about religion,” Maher told Daily Variety. “I think they will learn a lot because one thing I found out while making this movie is that religious people don’t know anything about religion.”