BERLIN — Beta Cinema has picked up the rights of “Ceasefire,” the first German-language feature to deal with the war in Iraq.

Directed by tyro helmer Lancelot von Naso, who co-wrote the script with Kai Uwe Hasenheit and Collin McMahon, pic follows three idealists — a Dutch aid worker, a French doctor and a young German journalist — who set out to save lives but soon find themselves fighting to stay alive in war-torn Falluja.

Thekla Reuten (“In Bruges”), Matthias Habich (“Downfall”) and Maximilian von Pufendorf (“The Buddenbrooks”) star in the film, which was inspired by events surrounding the 2004 siege of Falluja by American forces, which claimed enormous losses on both sides and brought great suffering to the civilian population.

The script is based on research conducted by the writers, including interviews with journalists such as CNN correspondent Tomas Etzler, who reported from Falluja in 2004, and Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Mansur, as well as officials from various non-governmental organizations.

Munich-based DRIFE Deyle&Richter Filmproduktion, Berlin’s DCM Mitte Prods., Cologne-based Erfttal Film and pubcaster ZDF are producing in cooperation with Arte and with support from the Federal Film Board, the Federal Film Fund and regional subsidy org FFF Bayern.

Falcom Media Group will release the film in Germany.