BERLIN — German director Uli Edel has dropped a bombshell just days before the Berlin premiere of his terrorist drama “The Baader Meinhof Complex.”

In an interview with German weekly Focus, Edel said former members of the notorious Red Army Faction revealed to him the identity of the actual murderer of German industrialist Hanns Martin Schleyer.

The RAF kidnapped Schleyer in September 1977, holding him for one and a half months in an effort to blackmail the German government into releasing imprisoned members of the terrorist group.

He was murdered after three of the RAF’s ringleaders, including Andreas Baader, committed suicide while behind bars.

A number of RAF members were convicted of Schleyer’s kidnapping and murder, but the identity of the actual killer has remained a mystery.

Last year, a former RAF terrorist implicated two fellow members of the Baader-Meinhof gang, Stefan Wisniewski and Rolf Heissler, as the trigger men. Wisniewski served 21 years for his involvement in Schleyer’s kidnapping and murder — along with a number of other RAF members — before being released from prison in 1999, while Heissler served 22 years for the murder of two Dutch customs officers before gaining his freedom in 2001.

German prosecutors, who last year reopened the investigation into the RAF’s murders of Schleyer and chief federal prosecutor Siegfried Buback following the allegations last year, have declined to comment on Edel’s comments or whether he is cooperating with authorities.

“The Baader-Meinhof Complex” hits local theaters Sept. 25.