Arson delays ‘Paris’ shoot

EuropaCorp postpones production on pic

PARIS — Shooting at a key location for crime pic “From Paris With Love” has been called off before it began after arson attacks in one of Paris’s most economically deprived suburbs.

Ten stunt and special effects vehicles left in a stadium parking lot and in adjacent streets in the town of Montfermeil northeast of Paris were torched before dawn on Monday morning.

The $52 million feature, toplining John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and produced by Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp, had sparked a great amount of media attention in France.

The town and surrounding areas have yet to recover economically after being badly hit by several days of rioting three years ago.

During October and November 2005, violent clashes between police and protestors – mainly from poorer north African immigrant communities – began in several suburbs northeast of Paris before spreading across the country. Nearly four weeks of civil unrest ensued.

Hundreds of Montfermeil residents were hoping to take part in the week-long shoot, mainly as extras, or as security and catering staff – a condition insisted upon by mayor Xavier Lemoine.

“I am sad for all the residents who would have taken part in this production, and I hope Luc Besson appreciated their level of enthusiasm,” Lemoine said at a Monday evening press conference.

According to a EuropaCorp spokesman, production has been “postponed, but not abandoned for the moment.”

Police have launched an investigation after two security guards hired by EuropaCorp reported seeing someone carrying what looked like a jerry can of gasoline across the stadium car park late Sunday night.

Criminal investigations have also begun into allegations that some locals had been trying to pressure Besson into hiring even more locals, at higher wages.

Helmed by Pierre Morel (“Taken”), filming began in late September in the Alpine city of Annecy, and is set to continue for the next two and a half months in other locations around France.