MADRID — Spain’s Latido Films has licensed “14 Kilometers,” Gerardo Olivares’ African emigrant drama, to Mima Fleurent’s Colifilms Distribution for France.

“Kilometers,” which topped both the Valladolid and Guadalajara fests, has also been picked up for Switzerland (Helviet Cinema), and two markets of increasing importance, Poland (Vivarto) and Turkey (Barbar Film).

Latido has also inked deals with paybox Canal Plus for Jose Luis Lopez-Linares’ gastronomic thriller “The Chicken, the Fish and the King Crab” for France and Poland, while Colifilms has taken French rights to Juan Carlos Tabio’s “Horn of Plenty.”

Stateside, Miami-based Venevision bought Manuel Gutierrez’s terrorism-themed “Who’s Next,” and Max Lemcke’s attack on big company ethics, “Casual Day.”

CNC has closed Benelux rights on “Who’s Next.”

Latido also has added some of Latin America’s biggest titles to its slate, including the noirish “The Question of Your Eyes,” directed by Argentina’s Juan Jose Campanella (“Son of the Bride”) and starring Ricardo Darin (“Bride,” “7 Queens”).

In “Question,” Darin recalls his past as a Marlowe-ish gumshoe in ‘70s Buenos Aires as Argentina plunged ever deeper into dictatorship and repression.

“Question” co-stars Soledad Villamil (“Oso rojo,” “Mismo amor misma lluvia”).

Produced by Tornasol and Argentina’s Pol-ka, “Question” is one of a strong bevy of Spanish and Latin American films that Latido will be selling internationally, Max Saidel, Latido international sales partner, told Daily Variety.

Other titles, either shooting or in post-production:

* Gerardo Herrero’s “Night Runner,” a psychological thriller toplining Leonardo Sbaraglia, produced by Herrero’s Ciudad de la Luz-based Castafiore Films and Argentina’s Zona Audiovisual.

* “A Good Man,” another discomfiting relationship thriller, set at a Madrid university, from Juan Martinez Moreno, whose “Two Tough Guys” sold 20-plus countries.

* “Guts,” a narco-thriller set in Galicia’s fjords, helmed by first-timers Samuel Martin Mateos and Andres Luque, produced by Continental and Zebra.

* “Castillos de carton,” a best-selling novel adaptation about a three-way love story between arts students. Salvador Ruiz Garcia helms; Tornasol and Castafiore produce.

* “Bejart (The Show Must Go On),” a docu-feature helmed by Arantxa Aguirre, with cinematography by “Chicken” director Jose Luis Lopez-Linares, about Manuel Bejart’s dance company, after his death last year.