LONDON — London-based production, distribution and sales company 111 Pictures has optioned Brit novelist and former politician Jeffrey Archer’s tome “A Prisoner of Birth.”

Multihyphenate and shipping fortune heir Alki David, who heads up 111, will star in a miniseries based on the novel.

Mikael Salomon, who cut his teeth as a cinematographer (“Backdraft,” “The Abyss”) before turning his skills to direction and winning an Emmy for 2001’s “Band of Brothers,” has signed on to direct the mini, which is budgeted at $20 million.   

“Birth,” a modern-day version of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” sees a wrongly imprisoned working-class man fighting to bring down the high-flying lawyer (David) who set him up. Archer, a former leading light in the Conservative party knows a thing or two about the clink — he recently did time for perjury.

“With a slew of No. 1 bestsellers to his credit, Jeffrey has a loyal following and a built-in fanbase that will be pleased to see a series that is true to the novel,” David said.