The Weinstein Co. has optioned screen rights to Evan Kuhlman’s “Wolf Boy: A Novel,” published in 2006 by Crown.

Irwin Winkler and Jill Cutler will produce the feature through Winkler Films. Christopher Parker is adapting.

The novel concerns the Wolf family, which loses a son in a car accident. The other son channels his grief into the creation of a comicbook superhero based on his brother called Wolf Boy.

Winkler and Cutler gave the writing assignment to Parker, who comes from an animation background, and brought a take that offers a clever mix of live action and animation.

“I was particularly moved by Wolf Boy’s story about the power of art to enhance our lives,” TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said.

Winkler said: “What appealed to me most was the young man who finds refuge in the creation of this graphic novel and how that impacts the process of healing between the boy and his father.”