SAN SEBASTIAN — In early trading at San Sebastian fest, Wanda Vision has taken all rights to Spain on Michael Winterbottom’s “Genova.”

A Madrid-based production-distribution house, Wanda has also seen Germany’s The Match Factory take international rights on Jaime Rosales’ “Bullet in the Head,” which world preems in Competition at the San Sebastian festival next week.

Screening as a Special Presentation at Toronto, and also in Competition at San Sebastian, “Genova” toplines Colin Firth as a just-widowed university lecturer who accepts a teaching gig in the Italian city of the film’s title, taking his two young daughters with him.

“We bought ‘Genova’ because we admire Winterbottom as a director and also like the film very much. Firth is magnificent,” said Jose Maria Morales, who runs Wanda Vision with brother Miguel Morales.

Produced by Rosales’ Fresdeval Films and Wanda, “Bullet” is already emerging as one of the most talked-about titles at San Sebastian.

Director Jaime Rosales won the Spanish Academy best pic Goya this January for intimist two women drama “Solitary Fragments,” which Match Factory also handled in international.

Based on a real-life murder of two Civil Guards by Basque terrorist org ETA this year, “Bullet” narrates the apparently ordinary life of a man, who turns out to be a member of an ETA cell.

But it’s “Bullet’s” style as much as the subject that is likely to surprise at San Sebastian. Pic is lensed in long-shot, “like a wildlife documentary,” Rosales said. There’s no music, nor audible dialogue.

The ETA problem, Rosales said, is that “nobody listens to anybody else.”