Producers Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler have acquired the Pete Takeda book “An Eye at the Top of the World” and will mine the nonfiction book for a fictional drama.

Ryne Douglas Pearson has been set to write the script.

The Schwartzes and Wechsler previously teamed to produce an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy novel “The Road,” which stars Viggo Mortensen.

“An Eye at the Top of the World” chronicles a CIA mission that sent elite American and Indian climbers to the top of the Himalayan peaks in India to monitor nuclear missile testing in China in 1965. The author will supervise the climbing scenes; he’s a seasoned high-altitude climber who devoted part of the book to his attempts to recover the plutonium-powered spy device lost on the mission.

Pearson most recent co-scripted “Knowing,” the Alex Proyas-directed thriller that stars Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne, which Summit Entertainment will release in March.