57,000 Kilometers Between Us (57000 km entre nous), directed by Delphine Kreuter, written by Mathieu Lis, Emmanuel Finkiel and Kreuter. (France) – North American Premiere.

The Aquarium (Genenet al Asmak), directed by Yousry Nasrallah, written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman and Nasrallah. (Egypt, France, Germany) – North American Premiere.

Eden, directed by Declan Recks, written by Eugene O’Brien. (Ireland) – International Premiere.

Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in), directed by Tomas Alfredson, written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. (Sweden) – North American Premiere.

Lost•Indulgence, directed and written by Zhang Yibai. (China) – International Premiere.

Love, Pain & Vice Versa (Amor, Dolor y Viceversa), directed by Alfonso Pineda-Ulloa, written by Alex Marino. (Mexico) – World Premiere.

My Marlon and Brando (Gitmek), directed and written by Hüseyin Karabey. (Turkey, Netherlands, UK) – North American Premiere.

Newcastle, directed and written by Dan Castle. (Australia) – World Premiere.

Quiet Chaos (Caos calmo), directed by Antonello Grimaldi, written by Nanni Moretti, Laura Paolucci and Francesco Piccolo. (Italy) – North American Premiere.

Ramchand Pakistani, directed by Mehreen Jabbar, written by Mohammad Ahmed. (Pakistan) – World Premiere.

Somers Town, directed by Shane Meadows, written by Paul Fraser. (UK) – North American Premiere.

Trucker, directed and written by James Mottern. (USA) – World Premiere.


Baghdad High, directed by Ivan O’Mahoney and Laura Winter. (UK) – North American Premiere.

Donkey in Lahore, directed by Faramarz K-Rahber. (Australia) – North American Premiere.

Guest of Cindy Sherman, directed by Paul H-O and Tom Donahue. (USA) – World Premiere.

Kassim the Dream, directed by Kief Davidson. (USA) – World Premiere.

Milosevic on Trial (Slobodan Milosevic – Præsident under anklage), directed by Michael Christoffersen. (Denmark) – North American Premiere.

My Life Inside (Mi vida dentro), directed by Lucía Gajá. (Mexico) – North American Premiere.

Old Man Bebo, directed by Carlos Carcas. (Spain) – North American Premiere.

An Omar Broadway Film, directed by Omar Broadway and Douglas Tirola. (USA) – World Premiere.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell, directed by Gini Reticker. (USA) – World Premiere.

Theater of War, directed by John Walter. (USA) – World Premiere.

Two Mothers (Meine Mütter), directed by Rosa von Praunheim. (Germany) – North American Premiere.

War, Love, God & Madness, directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji. (UK, Irag, Netherlands, Palestine, Sweden) – International Premiere.


Bart Got a Room, directed and written by Brian Hecker. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative..

The Caller, directed by Richard Ledes, written by Alain Didier-Weill and Ledes. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Celia the Queen, directed by Joe Cardona and Mario De Varona, written by Cardona. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Chevolution, directed by Trisha Ziff and Luis Lopez, written by Sylvia Stevens and Ziff. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

The Chicken, The Fish and The King Crab (El pollo, el pez y el cangrejo real), directed by José Luis López-Linares. (Spain) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha, directed and written by Melvin Van Peebles. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

The Dalai Lama: Peace and Prosperity, directed by Sian Edwards and Richard Wirth. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Days in Sintra (Diário de Sintra), directed and written by Paula Gaitán. (Brazil) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

Everywhere At Once, directed by Peter Lindbergh and Holly Fisher, written by Kimiko Hahn, music by Lois V Vierk. (France) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Hotel Gramercy Park, directed by Douglas Keeve. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

I Am Because We Are, directed by Nathan Rissman. (UK) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Idiots and Angels, directed and written by Bill Plympton. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Lake City, directed and written by Perry Moore and Hunter Hill. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative..

Life in Flight, directed and written by Tracey Hecht. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

The Objective, directed by Daniel Myrick, written by Mark Patton, Wes Clark Jr., and Myrick. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

A Portrait of Diego: The Revolutionary Gaze (Un retrato de Diego: La revolución de la mirada), directed by Gabriel Figueroa Flores and Diego López. (Mexico) – International Premiere, Documentary.

A President to Remember, directed and written by Robert Drew. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Terra, directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas, written by Evan Spiliotopoulos and Tsirbas. (USA) – Premiere, Narrative.

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, directed by Daniel Lee, written by Lau Ho Leung and Lee. (China, South Korea) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Whatever Lola Wants, directed by Nabil Ayouch, written by Jane Hawksley, Nathalie Saugeon and Ayouch. (France, Morocco) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

The Zen of Bobby V, directed by Andrew Jenks, Jonah Quickmire Pettigrew, and Andrew Muscato. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.


The 27 Club, directed and written by Erica Dunton. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Ball Don’t Lie, directed by Brin Hill, written by Matt de la Peña and Hill. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Bitter & Twisted, directed and written by Christopher Weekes. (Australia) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Charly, directed and written by Isild Le Besco. (France) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans, directed by Dawn Logsdon and Lolis Eric Elie, written by Elie. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Fermat’s Room (La Habitación de Fermat), directed and written by Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña. (Spain) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Fighter, directed and written by Natasha Arthy. (Denmark) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Fire Under the Snow, directed by Makoto Sasa. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Going On 13, directed and written by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Dawn Valadez. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Gotta Dance, directed by Dori Berinstein, written by Adam Zucker and Berinstein. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Head Wind (Baad – e – Daboor), directed and written by Mohammad Rasoulof. (Iran) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

Marina of the Zabbaleen, directed and written by Engi Wassef. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Milky Way Liberation Front, directed and written by Yoon Seong-Ho. (South Korea) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Paraiso Travel, directed and written by Simon Brand. (USA) – International Premiere, Narrative.

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music, directed by Jonathan Walls and Mark Johnson. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

A Powerful Noise, directed by Tom Cappello. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Run For Your Life, directed by Judd Ehrlich. (USA) – World Prem
iere, Documentary.

Seven Days Sunday (Sieben Tage Sonntag), directed and written by Niels Laupert. (USA) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Simple Things (Prostye veshchi), directed and written by Aleksei Popogrebsky. (Russia) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Sita Sings the Blues, directed and written by Nina Paley. (USA) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

A Story of the Red Hills (Lal Pahare’r Katha), directed and written by Remo. (India) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Tennessee, directed by Aaron Woodley, written by Russell Schaumburg. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

This Is Not a Robbery, directed and written by Lucas Jansen, Adam Kurland. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Under Our Skin, directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Waiting For Hockney, directed by Julie Checkoway. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

War Child, directed by C. Karim Chrobog. (USA) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

The Wild Man of the Navidad, directed and written by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Worlds Apart (To Verdener), directed by: Niels Arden Oplev, written by: Steen Bille and Oplev. (Denmark) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Yonkers Joe, directed and written by Robert Celestino. (USA) – World Premiere.

Zoned In, directed by Daniela Zanzotto. (USA, UK) – World Premiere, Documentary


The Auteur, directed and written by James Westby. (USA) – World Premiere Narrative.

The Cottage, directed and written by Paul Andrew Williams. (UK) – International Premiere Narrative.

Dying Breed, directed by Jody Dwyer, written by Michael Boughen, Rod Morris, and Dwyer. (Australia). – World Premiere Narrative.

From Within, directed by Phedon Papamichael, written by Brad Keene. (USA) – World Premiere Narrative.

Killer Movie, directed and written by Jeff Fisher. (USA) – World Premiere Narrative.

SqueezeBox!, directed by Zach Shaffer and Steve Saporito. (USA) – World Premiere Documentary.


Baghead, directed and written by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass. (USA) – New York Premiere, Narrative.

Before the Rains, directed by Santosh Sivan, written by Cathy Rubin. (USA) – New York Premiere, Narrative.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster, directed by Christopher Bell. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Boy A, directed by John Crowley, written by Mark O’Rowe. (UK) – US Premiere, Narrative.

Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite), directed by José Padilha, and written by Braulio Montovani, Rodrigo Pimentel, and Padilha. (Brazil) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Finding Amanda, directed and written by Peter Tolan. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot, directed by Adam Yauch. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Kicking It, directed by Susan Koch. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Lou Reed’s Berlin, directed by Julian Schnabel. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Man On Wire, directed by James Marsh. (UK) – New York Premiere, Documentary..

Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins, directed by Chris Barker and Mike Slee. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Mister Lonely, directed by Harmony Korine, written by Avi Korine and Korine. (UK, France, Ireland, USA) – New York


My Winnipeg, directed by Guy Maddin, written by George Toles and Maddin. (Canada) – Premiere, Narrative.

Savage Grace, directed by Tom Kalin, written by Howard A. Rodman. (Spain, USA) – New York Premiere, Narrative.

The Universe of Keith Haring, directed by Christina Clausen. (Italy, France) – US Premiere, Documentary.

The Wackness, directed and written by Jonathan Levine. (USA) – New York Premiere, Narrative.

War, Inc., directed by Joshua Seftel, written by John Cusack, Mark Leyner, and Jeremy Pikser. (USA) – US Premiere, Narrative.


Algeria, Unspoken Stories (Algérie, histoires à ne pas dire), directed and written by Jean-Pierre Lledo. (Algeria) – Premiere, Documentary.

Football Under Cover, directed by Ayat Najafi and David Assmann. (Germany) – US Premiere, Documentary.

Hidden In Plain Sight, directed by Mark Street. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Katyn, directed by Andrzej Wajda, written by Andrzej Mularczyk, Wladyslaw Pasikowski, and Wajda. (Poland) – New York Premiere, Narrative.

Lioness, directed by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Profit motive and the whispering wind, directed by John Gianvito. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Secrecy, directed by Robb Moss and Peter Galison. (USA) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

The Secret of the Grain (La graine et le mulet), directed and written by Abdellatif Kechiche. (France) – New York Premiere, Narrative..

Playing (Jogo de cena), directed and written by Eduardo Coutinho. (Brazil) – New York Premiere, Documentary.

Strangers, directed and written by Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv. (Israel) – New York Premiere, Narrative.


Harvest 3000 Years (Mirt Sost Shi Amit), directed and written by Haile Gerima. (Ethiopia, 1975)

Night Tide, directed and written by Curtis Harrington. (USA, 1961)

Toby Dammit, directed by Federico Fellini, written by Bernardino Zapponi and Fellini. (Italy, 1968)

Two Timid Souls (Les deux timides), directed and written by René Clair. (France, 1929).


Conversations in Cinema:

2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Arthur C. Clarke and Kubrick. (UK, USA, 1968)

90 Miles The Documentary (90 Millas El Documental), directed by Emilio Estefan, written by Jose Maldonado and Estefan. (USA)

Standard Operating Procedure, directed by Errol Morris. (USA) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

Empire II, directed by Amos Poe. (USA) – North American Premiere, Documentary.

Once Upon a Time in the West (C’era una volta il West), directed by Sergio Leone, written by Sergio Donati and Leone, English dialogue by Mickey Knox. (Italy, USA, 1968) – New York Premiere Restoration, Narrative.