Thessaloniki fest to spotlight films

Greek, Balkans highlight Crossroads forum

MOSCOW — Greek and Balkans co-productions will be under the spotlight at the 49th Thessaloniki Film Festival next month in the event’s third annual Crossroads forum.

Forum, which runs Nov. 17-19, announced 15 projects Monday that will be presented to international producers, distributors, sales agents and other event attendees.

Designed to give producers from the Balkans and Mediterranean regions exposure to projects, this year’s selection has projects from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

A selected project will be awarded the Crossroads Nokia N Series award worth $15,000. Previous winners were Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu’s “Pandora’s Box” in 2006 (the pic won San Sebastian’s Golden Shell for film this year and also drew that festival’s best actress nod for Tsilla Chelton) and Israeli helmer Nadvad Lapid’s “The Policeman” last year.

Forum will include a special focus this year on new Greek filmmakers, who will be introduced to industry professionals.

The films at this year’s Crossroads include “Crossroads” (Albania; director Robert Budina, producer Sabina Kodra); “Beyond Amnesty” (Albania/Greece; director Bujar Alimani, producers Alimani and Thanos Anastopoulos); “False Witness” (Bulgaria; director Iglika Trifonova, producer Rositsa Valkanova); “Shanghai — Belleville” (France; director Show-Chun Lee, producer Juliette Grandmont); “America Square” (Greece; director Yannis Sakaridis, producer Maria Tsiga); “Bloody Puppy” (Greece; director Yannis Economidis, producer Maria Tsiga); “Rio” (Greece; director Nicolas Panoutsopoulos, producer Menelaos Karamaghiolis); “The Tree and the Swing” (Greece; director Maria Douza, producer Eleni Atsikbasis); “Infiltration” (Israel; director Dover Kosashvili, producer Marek Rozenbaum); “God of the Hills” (Italy; director Christian Wagner, producer Paolo Spina); “When I Saw You” (Jordan/Palestinian territories; director Annemarie Jacir, producer Ossama Bawardi); “Clandestine Ghetto” (documentary) (Romania; director Stephane Lucon, producer Mara Nicolescu); “Tilva Rosh” (Serbia; director Nikola Lezaic, producer Vesna Dinic); “The Fugitives” (Turkey; director Ben Hopkins, producer Gulen Guler Hurley); and “Sultan’s Kitchen” (Turkey; director Umit Unal, producer Gulin Ustun).

The 49th Thessaloniki Film Festival runs Nov. 14-23 in Athens.