Sundance Lab announces projects

Filmmakers will work with Redford, Lahti

Sundance has picked 13 projects for its summer Directors and Screenwriters Labs. The international selection includes Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa’s Rio coming-of-ager “Casa Grande,” Liza Johnson’s Iraq War vet story “Return” and Peng Tao and Zeng Wenwen’s rural Chinese drama “That Year When We Were Young.”

“We are thrilled to be supporting such a promising group of filmmakers who bring authenticity, urgency and innovation to their storytelling,” said Michelle Satter, director of the Feature Film Program.

The Feature Film Program annually selects a handful of filmmakers to reside at the Sundance Resort. For a month they will develop their projects with creative advisers who this year include Robert Redford, Atom Egoyan, Christine Lahti, Michael Lehmann, Christopher McQuarrie and Walter Mosley.

“Blood Abundance, or the Half-Life of Antoinette”/John Magary (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Casa Grande”/Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa (co-writer/director) and Karen Sztajnberg (co-writer), U.S.A./Brazil
“Meadowlandz”/Moon Molson (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Pariah”/Dee Rees (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Poletown”/Daniel Casey (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Return”/Liza Johnson (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Shockheaded Peter”/Frank Budgen (writer/director), United Kingdom
“Tshepang”/Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx (co-writers/co-directors), South Africa

“Agua Fria De Mar”/Paz Fabrega (writer/director), Costa Rica
“All Fall Down”/Jonathan Wysocki (writer/director), U.S.A.
“Look For Water”/Jennifer Phang (co-writer/director) and Dominic Mah (co-writer), U.S.A.
“The White Circus”/Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (co-writers and co-directors), Canada
“That Year When We Were Young”/Peng Tao (co-writer/director) and Zeng Wenwen (co-writer), China