Sarkozy romance set for Gallic TV

Endemol France books duo for project

PARIS — Endemol France has acquired two books on the highly eventful private life of Gallic President Nicolas Sarkozy, which it’s likely to use as the basis for a TV project.

Endemol France subsidiary Endemol Fiction has bought the rights to “Ruptures” and “Carla et Nicolas: la veritable histoire” (Carla and Nicolas: the Real Story) from French publishers Editions du Moment.

“Ruptures,” penned by TV journalist Michael Darmon and magazine editor/scribe Yves Derai, centers on the stormy relationship between Sarkozy and his second wife, Cecilia.

The couple divorced in October, four months after the president assumed office.

“Carla and Nicolas,” by print journos Valerie Benaim and Yves Azeroual, details the whirlwind romance between Sarkozy and Italian-born singer and former model Carla Bruni.

The two met a month after Sarkozy’s divorce and wed less than four months later.

Launched in June, Bruni sanctioned “Carla and Nicolas” and agreed to dozens of interviews with the authors – unprecedented behavior by a French first lady.

Launched in May 2007, Endemol Fiction’s first made-for-TV feature “L’arbre de mai” (The Tree of May) written by former prime minister Edouard Balladur, aired on pubcaster channels France 3 and France 5 this spring.

According to an Endemol France press release, “in addition to developing original TV series, the Endemol Group is eager through Endemol Fiction to start working on the adaptation of fact-based books with a political dimension.”