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Ryan Buckley

Sloan School of Management, MIT - Class of ’09

Wasted no time in applying grad-school concepts to a real-world business opportunity.

MIT might not be the first place Hollywood would think to look for showbiz entrepreneurs, but roughly one-quarter of the Sloan School’s graduate management students belong to the Entertainment, Media and Sports Club.

In addition to hosting guest speakers on campus, the group schedules three annual treks to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where members arrange meet-and-greets with industry execs — precisely the opportunity that motivated Buckley, a 25-year-old first-year MBA student, to take charge of coordinating last year’s Los Angeles visit.

Buckley used the trip to launch Scripped.com, a free Web-based screenwriting resource he’s been developing with two L.A.-based partners since 2006. The Final Draft-style service isn’t just for writers hoping to crank out some scenes during their lunch break, says Buckley, who aims to fundamentally change the way Hollywood operates by creating an online script market.

Scripped could even make coverage obsolete. If he were to partner with a fellow MIT grad’s pattern-recognition software, Buckley says the site could conceivably scan a script and report if it’s the next “Casablanca” or a dud.