BEIJING — Chinese censors say producers of erotic movies face being banned from the biz and will not be allowed to compete for any domestic film awards — an interesting development as porn, nudity and anything risque are already major taboos.

According to the Beijing News, regulator the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has asked studios not to produce films with “footage of hardcore activities, rape, whoring, obscene sex exposing human genitals or sex freaks.”

“Vulgar conversations, nasty songs and sound effects with sexual connotation were also restricted,” the paper reported.

Helmers and thesps would be banned from awards, and anyone caught taking part in making erotic pics could even face a total ban from the biz for five years.

China has been transformed socially in recent years but remains resolutely chaste in matters erotic — in public, anyway. Nudity is generally forbidden in movies, on TV and in magazines, and there are regular crackdowns to preserve moral standards.

Ang Lee’s erotic thriller “Lust, Caution” was recently screened on the mainland to great acclaim, but only after the pic’s more graphic sex scenes were cut.