Bobby Moresco will direct and co-write “Castro’s Daughter” in addition to producing with Artists Relations Group.

Moresco will co-write the project, centering on Fidel Castro’s exiled daughter Alina Fernandez, with Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz. Production’s expected to begin next year.

“Daughter” was first announced as a feature in May with Moresco aboard to produce. Fernandez fled Cuba disguised as a Spanish tourist in 1993 and published her life story, “Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba.”

Cruz is also originally from Cuba but fled in 1970. He won the Pulitzer for his play “Anna in the Tropics.”

John Martinez and Noel Tristan of Artists Relations Group are producing with Moresco Prods. in association with Joe Lamy of the Lamy Group.