‘Moon’ to rise at Miami Film Festival

163 films announced, including 56 premieres

Patricia Riggen’s drama on illegal immigration, “Under the Same Moon,” will open the Miami Film Festival, which has announced 163 films for its 25th annual event, including 10 world premieres and 46 North American premieres.

Feature films will compete for Knight grand jury prizes, which will award $25,000 cash prizes to a film in each of three categories: World Dramatic, Ibero-American Dramatic and Documentary. Films in the running include a handful of Sundance selections such as Kenneth Bi’s “The Drummer,” Michelange Quay’s “Eat, for This Is My Body,” and Ernesto Contreras’ Sundance special jury prize winner “Blue Eyelids.”

Other screenings include a retrospective of George and Mike Kutcher’s 8mm shorts and the world preem of a restored copy of Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

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“Our growth is a testament to Miami Dade College and to the city of Miami’s commitment to the arts and to film as an industry,” said festival director Patrick de Bokay, citing a 300% spike in submissions.

The Miami Film Festival runs Feb. 28-March 9.

Dramatic Features: World Cinema Competition:

“Blind,” Tamar van den Dop (U.S. Premiere)
“Bliss,” Abdullah Oguz (U.S. Premiere)
“Chaiyam” Kongkait Komesiri (U.S. Premiere)
“Confessions of a Gambler,” Rayda Jacobs (U.S. Premiere)
“Darling,” Christine Carriere

(North American Premiere)“The Drummer,” Kenneth Bi
Foul Gesture,” Itshak (Tzahi) Grad (U.S. Premiere)
“Getting Home,” Yang Zhang
“Horror Which is Always With You,” Arkadiy Yankis (U.S. Premiere)
“It’s Hard to be Nice,” Srdan Vuletic
“Konyec,” Gabor Rohonyi (U.S. Premiere)
“Ocean of Pearls,” Sarab S. Neelam (World Premiere)
“Tricks,” Andrzej Jakimowski (U.S. Premiere)
“Unfinished Sky,” Peter Duncan (U.S. Premiere)
“Unrelated,” Joanna Hogg

Dramatic Features: Ibero-American Cinema Competition:

“Blue Eyelids ,” Ernesto Contreras
“Cochochi,” Israel Cardenas, Laura Amelia Guzman
(U.S. Premiere)
“Dog Eat Dog,” Carlos Moreno
“Eat, for this is my Body,” Michelange Quay
“Encarnacion,” Anahi Berneri
“Estomago,” Marcos Jorge (North American Premiere)
“The Girls,” Rodrigo Marin (North American Premiere)
“Lamb of God,” Lucia Cedron (North American Premiere)
“My Time Will Come,” Victor Arregui (World Premiere)
“Personal Belongings,” Alejandro Brugues (North American Premiere)
“Postcards From Lenningrad,” Mariana Rondon (North American Premiere)
“The Other,” Ariel Rotter (North American Premiere)
“Under the Stars,” Felix Viscarret
“Used Parts,” Aaron Fernandez
“The Zone,” Rodrigo Pla (U.S. Premiere)

Documentary Features: World & Ibero-American Cinema Competition:

“Divorce Albanian Style,” Adela Peeva (U.S. Premiere)
“Drifter,” Cao Guimaraes (U.S. Premiere)
“Frontrunner,” Virginia Williams
“Hippie Masala,” Ulrich Grossenbacher, Damaris Luthi
“Jogo de Cena,” Eduardo Coutinho I(nternational Premiere)
“Katrina’s Children,” Laura Belsey
“Lucio,” Aitor Arregi, Jose Maria Goennaga (North American Premiere)
“The Old Thieves,” Everardo Gonzalez Reyes (North American Premiere)
“A Paper Tiger,” Luis Ospina (North American Premiere)
“Santa Fe Street,” Carmen Castillo
“Santiago,” Joao Moreira Salles
“Silhouette City,” Michael Wilson (World Premiere)
“Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel,” Ari Libsker (U.S. Premiere)
“Stars,” Federico Leon, Marcos Martinez
“Trader’s Dreams,” Marcus Vetter, Stefan Tolz (North American Premiere)
“Stranded: I’ve Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountain,” Gonzalo Arijon
“Very Young Girls,” David Schisgall (World Premiere)