ROME — The Locarno Film Festival and Italy’s National Film Museum in Turin are teaming up on “Manga Impact” an extensive retro and exhibition dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the Japanese Manga and Anime toon phenom in Europe.

“Manga Impact” will comprise a massive amount of Japanese toons on film and TV, in all formats, tracing Anime from its origins to present day, along with a show of artworks, magazines, publications, videogames, dolls and other Manga materials.

The goal, say organizers, is to fully discover Manga and Anime, “the importance and scope of which are only partially appreciated in the West.”

“We must do away with prejudices, which often brand Japanese animation as a purely commercial operation, to instead reveal the extraordinary richness of this social, cultural, and esthetic universe,” they proclaimed.

More details, starting with names of the show’s curators and how the event’s program will be shaped, will be posted on website http://www.mangaimpact.com.

“Manga Impact,” which will delve into a wide range of genres, from kiddie toons and comic books to porn, is set to become a centerpiece of the 62nd Locarno fest.

After Locarno, the celebration of the Japanese phenom will segue to the Turin film museum where it will remain on display Sept. 16 through Nov. 15.