Kid fest loves Finnish ‘Stormheart’

Family drama wins best film at Schlingel

STOCKHOLM — Finnish family drama “Stormheart,” directed by Kaisa Rastimo and produced by Pekka Levola, picked up the 5,000 euros ($6,709) prize for best film for tykes 10 and under at the Schlingel Intl. Film Festival for Children and Young Audience in Chemnitz, Germany, on Saturday.

Pic’s Ronja Arvilommi won for child actress.

Czeck film “The Loveliest Riddle,” helmed by Zdenek Troska, got a special mention from the jury of 20 kids from 10 European countries.

Dutch “Letter for the King,” helmed by Pieter Verhoeff, won the $5,367 prize for junior film, for children between 11 and 14. Pic was chosen by both the young jury and a second jury comprised of adult industryites.

The adult jury also chose Iranian film “Handlebar Moustache,” helmed by Javad Ardakani, as the winner of the city of Chemnitz prize of $6,709.

Argentinean Diego Fernandez Musiak was there to accept the Cinestar-Youth Film Prize of $1,347 for film for youngsters above age 14 for his “Letters for Jenny.”

Co-production “Rolly and Elf: Incredible Adventure” from Finland, Germany, Russia and the U.K. took the $1,347 animation prize.

Helmer Mrkus Dietrich’s “My Robodad” won for short film and netted the $700 prize.

The Germany Focus award went to helmer Nicole Weegmann’s “Outta Control,” which took home $5,367.

The fest’s 13th edition, which ran Oct. 13-18, drew 8,000 visitors and 125 accredited guests and showed 81 pics from 36 countries.