The Mar del Plata Film Festival opens Nov. 6 with 16 films in international competition and Tommy Lee Jones in attendance, plus a mart to drum up production coin and sales for local output.

Jones, Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal and Sarah Polley are among the foreign guests who will hold Q&As in the coastal city. Bigelow’s Iraq bomb-squad drama “The Hurt Locker” will open the 11-day event, while Kim Ki-duk’s love story “Breath” will close it after nearly 400 films from 46 countries unspool. They both screen out of competition.

U.S. helmer Barry Jenkins’ twentysomething romance “Medicine for Melancholy” and Cannes Critics’ Week closer “Desierto adentro” (The Desert Within), an intense family drama by Mexican Rodrigo Pla are among pics in the international competition.

Ten features will compete in the Latin American section for a prize of 80,000 pesos ($23,800) and nine more in the Argentina section.

“We want to offer an ice-cream parlor for all tastes, not just vanilla, chocolate and strawberry,” said Argentine vet helmer Jose A. Martinez Suarez, who is running the fest — Latin America’s only FIAPF Category A event — for the first time.

Retrospectives are set on experimental filmmaker Dominic Angerame among others, and there are sections on U.S. indie films, surf cinema, Polish filmmakers and horror and sci-fi pics, as well as films based on the works of Argentinean writer Jose Luis Borges.

Intercine, a market for distributors, exhibitors, sales agents, fest programmers, producers and investors, will run Nov. 9-13, with panel discussions on distribution, digital cinema and selling to TV nets.


“Alicia in the Land,” Esteban Larrain (Chile).
“Back Soon,” Solveig Anspach (Iceland/France)
“Desierto adentro,” Rodrigo Pla (Mexico)
“El artista” (The Artist), Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat (Argentina/Italy)
“El cant dels ocells” (Birdsong), Albert Serra (Spain)
“Fear Me Not,” Kristian Levring (Denmark)
“Home,” Ursula Meier (Switzerland/France/Belgium)
“Involuntary,” Ruben Ostlund (Sweden)
“Medicine for Melancholy,” Barry Jenkins (U.S.)
“Pa-ra-da,” Marco Pontecorvo (Italy/France/Romania)
“Still Walking,” Hirokazu Kore-eda (Japan)
“The Stranger in Me,” Emily Atef (Germany)
“Tokyo Sonata,” Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan/Holland/Hong Kong)
“Un coeur simple” (A Simple Heart), Marion Laine (France)
“Vil romance” (Vile Romance), Jose C. Campusano (Argentina)
“Zift,” Javor Gardev (Bulgaria)


“El camino” (The Path), Ishtar Yasin (Costa Rica/France)
“Estrada Real da Cachaca” (The Royal Road of Cachaca), Pedro Urano (Brazil)
“Frankfurt,” Ramiro Gomez (Paraguay)
“Gallero,” Sergio Massa (Argentina)
“Lake Tahoe,” Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico)
“Los bastardos” (The Bastards), Amat Escalante (Mexico/France/U.S.)
“Perro come perro” (Dog Eat Dog), Carlos Moreno (Colombia)
“Regreso a Fortin Olmos” (Back to Fortin Olmos), Jorge Goldenberg and Patricio Coll (Argentina)
“Salamandra” (Salamander), Pablo Aguero (Argentina/France/Germany)
“Voy a explotar” (I’m Gonna Explode), Gerardo Naranjo (Mexico)


“Artico” (Artic), Santiago Loza
“Dilatante” (Dilettante), Kris Niklison
“Imagen final” (Final Image), Andres Habegger
“La asamblea” (The Assembly), Galel Maidana
“La Tigra-Chaco,” Federico Godfrid and Juan Sasiain
“Las hermanas L” (The L Sisters), Eva Bar, Santiago Giralt, Alejandro Montiel and Diego Schipani
“Los pernoctantes” (Night Oversleepers), Hernan Khourian, Diego Carabelli, Angeles Casares and Sebastian Martinez
“Musica para astronautas” (Music for Astronauts), Ernesto Baca
“Parador Retiro” (Retiro Shelter), Jorge Leandro Colas