BARCELONA — Five first-time Latino filmmakers will compete at the 34th Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, Spain’s largest confab for films from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Huelva’s 12-pic competition features Carlos Moreno’s “Dog Eat Dog” from Colombia, Selton Mello’s “December” from Brazil, Enrique Rivero’s “Parque Via” from Mexico, Alan Jonsson’s “Morenita,” also from Mexico, and Diego Sabanes’ “Mentiras piadosas” (Made Up Memories), from Argentina.

Although the pics are first features, some of them have already carved out a profile on the international fest circuit. The Southern Spanish fest is looking to provide a launchpad in Spain and beyond for this new generation of Latin American filmmakers.

TV writer and short filmmaker Sabanes adapts a short story by Argentine writer Julio Cortazar.

Pic turns on a son who goes missing in Paris: his family and friends try to hide the fact from his aged mother.

In “Dog,” a Celluloid Dream’s pickup, Carlos Moreno delivers a violence-laden Colombian gangland actioner. Premiered at Sundance, “Dog” represents Colombia in the foreign-language Oscar race.

Huelva will feature two Colombian competish titles, plus a clutch of films from Colombia in its main Rabida sidebar, an indication, said fest director Eduardo Trias, of the vibrancy of Colombian cinema.

In line with other young Mexican filmmakers — Carlos Reygadas, Fernando Eimbcke — Enrique Rivero’s Locarno Golden Leopard winner “Parque Via” sets a far more studied pace, portraying the slowly boiling rage of a man threatened with eviction from his home.

In “December,” Mello, a well-known Brazilian actor (“Drained,” “My Name Ain’t Johnny”), adopts a Dogma style for the story of a man’s re-encounter with his family.

“Morenita” turns on a man who’s desperate to pay for his grandfather’s surgery and makes the mistake of selling 42 carrier pigeons to a drug dealer.

Spanish screenwriter Rafael Azcona and Cuban helmer Humberto Solas will both receive tribute retros at Huelva; Enrique Gonzalez Macho, Spain’s top arthouse distributor, will be honored with the City of Huelva Award.

Over Nov. 20-22, Huelva will host the 9th Ibero-American Co-production Forum, which see 35 projects being pitched in search of pre-sales or co-production partners.

“Mentiras” and Morenita” were presented at the Forum in 2006 and last year, respectively.

Fest runs Nov. 15-22.